TYK 2219 1

An 8-year-old female presented with progressively worsening vision in the left eye over a 2-week time period. She is otherwise healthy and has a past ocular history of accommodative esotropia and amblyopia in the left eye, treated with hyperopic spectacle correction. On presentation, her vision was 20/20 in the right eye and 20/200 in the left eye with a moderate 2-3+ left afferent pupillary defect (APD). Anterior segment examination was normal. Dilated fundoscopic examination of the posterior pole of the left eye is shown in this photograph.


    1. What about peripheral retina? Angiomatosis? Angioblastoma? I’m thinking about Von Hippel Lindau disease

      1. Agree that the conditions you have mentioned would all be on the differential diagnosis for this lesion.

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