This is a cataract extraction surgery in a 6-year-old girl, with congenital cataract and pupillary membrane. The membrane was carefully removed and the cataract was aspirated. An IOL was placed in the capsular bag and the wounds were closed with sutures.

Surgery location: on-board the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital in Trujillo, Peru

Surgeon: Dr. Stephen Lane, University of Minnesota


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July 25, 2017


  1. Dr Lane, what’s your take on PCO management in paediatric cataract? Are you flying back to Peru to do a secondary posterior capsulotomy for this girl?

  2. The timing of PCO is quite variable in young children. In general in areas that have Yag lasers I try to leave the posterior capsule intact. In some cases PCO is delayed for 5 years or more. If the refractions changes significantly because of axial growth IOL exchange and posterior capsular polishing is much easier than if a primary posterior capsulorhexis/vitrectomy were performed. Similarly a Yag laser is very easy to perform even in this young a pt as they become familiar and at ease with the multiple visits with the surgeon and in my experience very cooperative during Yag capsulotomy

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