Lecture: Strategies to Strengthen Outreach of Vision Centres

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight – INDIA Knowledge Hub, presents this webinar.

Introduction: Many eye health service providers implement vision centres as an integral part of their outreach programme. Establishing vision centres is the best strategy to provide continuous quality services to the communities at the doorsteps, especially in the aftermath of this deliberating pandemic. Vision centre concept itself has evolved in the past few years and a success of vision centre is based on various factors. Adding with, there is a need for effective strategies that enhance the footfall of patients through outreach activities to the Vision Centre. It will help these centres to provide quality services and also take care of the expenses incurred in running a Vision Centre.

Starting a vision centre in a needy location is a well-thought process. Continuously monitoring them through proper tools and improving the performance requires constant effort.

• Strategies to improve footfalls to the vision centre through outreach activities of vision centres
• Factors contributing to the success of vision centres
• Effective ways to manage the vision centres

Lecturers: Mr. Franklin Daniel, Lead – Vision Centre Programme, Mission for Vision
Dr. G. V. Rao, Chief Executive Officer, H.V Desai Eye Hospital

Copanelists: Dr. Phanindra Babu & Ms. Anindita Roy, Programme Manager, Vision 2020: The Right Sight – India

Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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