Lecture: Women Leaders in Eye Health Coffee Hour: Simulation Training in Ophthalmology

In a collaborative effort, Women In Ophthalmology (WIO), Seva Foundation and Orbis International have come together to coordinate a global webinar series on topics that speak to current and prospective women in ophthalmology. The topics focus on issues raised and experienced by female ophthalmologists and the series will provide practical advice and support for career satisfaction and advancement. The webinar series also showcases our collective efforts to partner with organizations dedicated to supporting eye care professionals to excel personally and in their careers.

Please enjoy this engaging session about Simulation training, wellness and healthcare. Speakers will share personal stories and experiences, highlighting strategies and key take aways on the topics discussed. There are also moderated Q&A session throughout the session.

Panelists: Dr. Maria Montero (Mexico), Dr. Amani Al Bakri (Saudi Arabia), Dr. Samita Moolani (India), Dr. Samar Shoeir (Egypt), Dr. Kimberly Leighton (Qatar) and Dr. Catherine Hasen (Canada)

Last Updated: November 17, 2022

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