Quiz: Headache and Sudden Loss of Vision

A 20-year-old female presented with headache and sudden loss of vision in both eyes. Her past ocular, medical, social, and family histories are unremarkable and she is on no medications. Best corrected visual acuity at presentation was 20/200 right eye and CF (counting fingers) left eye. Pupillary responses were reported as normal. Intraocular pressures were … Read more


一名30岁男性遭遇了机动车事故,头部受伤,导致意识丧失。醒来后,他主诉复视,视物倾斜。通过收下巴,向上看,可以避免重影。视网膜检查如图,眼部其他检查基本正常。 开始测试  

Quiz: Shaking and Tilted Vision

This 26-year-old man presented with complaints of intermittent visual disturbance that he describes as “shaking and tilted vision”. This happens variably from as often as every day, sometimes only a few times a week, and usually lasts a few seconds to a few minutes. Uncorrected visual acuity was 20/25 in each eye. Ocular motility was … Read more