Quiz: “White Dot” in Left Eye

A 6-week old female presented with a “white dot” in the left eye, present since birth and unchanged. It appeared to be an anterior polar cataract, estimated to be 2mm in diameter. Start Quiz

Илтгэл: Миопи ба түүний эмчилгээ

Энэ лекц дээр доктор А.Тамир миопи, эмчилгээний талаар ярих болно. Илтгэгч: А.Тамир, АШУҮИС-ийн Монгол Япон Эмнэлгийн нүдний эмч Download Slides PDF August 05, 2020

Илтгэл: Мохос хараа ба түүний эмчилгээ

Энэ удаагийн лекцээр А.Тамир эмч Мохос хараа ба түүний эмчилгээ, үндсэн протоколуудыг танилцуулна. Илтгэгч: А.Тамир, АШУҮИС-ийн Монгол Япон Эмнэлгийн нүдний эмч Download Slides PDF June 11, 2020

Lecture: Systemic Therapy during ROP Management

An excellent opportunity to learn from an enthusiastic world class trainer in Retinopathy of prematurity, this time discussing current concepts of systemic therapy available for preemies who have this avoidable condition. Join Nigerian pediatric ophthalmologists to learn more. Lecturer: Dr. Subhadra Jalali, Vitreoretinal surgeon and ROP specialist , L V Prasad Eye Institute , Hyderabad, … Read more

Lecture: Pediatric Glaucoma

During this live webinar, Dr. Neely will review the evaluation and management of common pediatric glaucomas. Instruction will include surgical videos and discussion of surgical techniques. Live audience questions are encouraged but participants may also submit questions or patient cases for discussion in advance by entering those in the Questions box below. Lecturer: Dr. Daniel … Read more

Lecture: Pediatric Cataract Management in Complex Situations

During this live webinar, Dr. Kalaivani will cover paediatric cataract management in situations like cataract associated with persistent fetal vasculature, uveitis, posterior polar cataracts and trauma. Lecturer: Dr. Kavitha Kalaivani, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Chennai, India. Transcript DR KALAIVANI: So we’re talking about a few situations. Specifically complex pediatric cataract management. So generally pediatric cataract management as … Read more

Lecture: Pediatric Uveitis

During this live webinar, Dr. Tinley will talk about uveitis in children in general, as well as its profile in Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Tinley will specifically review the new guidelines on the treatment of JIA-associated uveitis: Update of the evidence based, interdisciplinary guideline for anti-inflammatory treatment of uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. … Read more

Quiz: Bulging Right Eye

This 17-year-old girl was noted by her parents to have bulging of her right eye beginning about 5 years ago. This bulging occurred when she was prone or when she bent her head over for a few minutes as shown in the picture below. Prior to this she was perfectly normal. Early on it took … Read more