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Cybersight cung cấp các sự kiện đào tạo trực tuyến, miễn phí cho các chuyên gia sức khỏe mắt. Giảng viên quốc tế chuyên nghiệp thảo luận về các chủ đề nhãn khoa toàn diện, với âm thanh và video trực tiếp. Tham gia cùng các đồng nghiệp từ hơn 100 quốc gia trên thế giới để có những bài thuyết trình tương tác, trình diễn phẫu thuật và hỏi đáp của chuyên gia.

Cần có máy tính, máy tính bảng hoặc điện thoại thông minh có kết nối Internet để tham gia. Một liên kết để tham gia phiên sẽ được gửi qua email sau khi bạn đăng ký. Không thể làm được? Đừng lo lắng, chúng tôi ghi lại mọi sự kiện và đăng nó vào Thư viện Cybersight.

Nếu bạn tham dự hội thảo trên web về Cybersight trong ít nhất 80% thời gian đã lên lịch và bạn có tài khoản Cybersight, bạn sẽ tự động nhận được chứng nhận tham dự 24 giờ sau khi hội thảo trên web kết thúc.

Lịch trình hội thảo trên web sắp tới

April 26, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

MIGS and Evolving Non-traditional Glaucoma Treatment Options For the Anterior Segment Surgeon

Dr. Kevin Barber
Ophthalmologist, Advanced Center for Eyecare Global, USA

Due to the high frequency of cataracts and glaucoma coexisting, the anterior segment surgeon has expanding options to treat mild to moderate glaucoma. During this live webinar, we will discuss and review surgical videos of various Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS) procedures. New and evolving technology for implantable drug delivery systems will also be discussed. This webinar will benefit any anterior segment surgeons seeking to learn more about the existing and evolving interventional treatment options for mild to moderate glaucoma. (Level: All)

April 26, 2024
19:00-20:00 CST (GMT+8)




April 30, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Gene Therapy for AMD: Are We There Yet?

Dr. Glenn Yiu
Ophthalmologist, University of California, Davis, USA

During this live webinar, we will discuss the concept of retinal gene therapy and its use for rare and common diseases, and how the type of vector, viral dose, and mode of delivery dictate efficacy and safety in both preclinical and clinical studies. We will also discuss ocular immune privilege, the impact of biological barriers, and factors that determine the degree of ocular inflammation related to gene therapy - also known as gene therapy-associated uveitis (GTAU). Finally, we will review gene therapy programs in development for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), as well as early studies using CRISPR-based gene editing technology as potential treatments for AMD. (Level: Beginner and Intermediate)

May 6, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension – Common Challenges and Misconceptions

Dr. Devin D. Mackay
Ophthalmologist, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

During this live webinar, we will discuss radiographic signs of intracranial hypertension on MRI and their significance, review data on the surgical treatment of IIH including venous sinus stenting, understand what to do when papilledema improves but headaches do not, and examine the management of IIH in pregnancy. Participants will also be able to recognize fulminant IIH, understand how to approach IIH without papilledema, and recognize the association between IIH and skull base CSF leaks. Questions received from registration and during the webinar will be answered. (Level: Intermediate)

May 14, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Conversations With an Ophthalmic Anesthetist: Topics We Should All Know

Dr. Manish Raval
Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

During this live webinar, we will open up a discussion of several topics where both the surgeon and anesthetic provider take responsibility for the well-being of the patient and the successful outcome of the eye surgical procedure. Topics that will be addressed are commonly faced concerns: should patients be fasted, how to manage a patient with dementia, poorly controlled blood pressure or blood sugar, and the recognition and management of rare, but serious, medical problems in the operating room. (Level: Intermediate)

May 24, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Uveitis: Therapeutics Update

Dr. Ramana S. Moorthy
Ophthalmologist, AVRUC and Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

The therapy for non-infectious uveitis has continued to evolve during the pandemic. During this webinar, we will highlight the following: the two-year data from the FAST trial comparing the efficacy of mycophenolate mofetil to methotrexate, the VISUAL III data on adalimumab, outcomes of the clinical trials on the fluocinolone acetonide 0.18mg intravitreal implant, and the POINT trial on efficacy of the dexamethasone implant vs. periocular corticosteroid. Questions received during the registration process and the webinar will be discussed. (Level: All)

June 5, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Keratoconus Worldwide: Understanding the Diagnostic & Therapeutics Alternatives

Dr. Carlos Gordillo
Ophthalmologist, Zaldivar, Argentina

Keratoconus is a corneal collagen disease characterized by progressive corneal ectasia. Over the years, the diagnosis and treatment of this condition have advanced significantly. Join this webinar and gain a comprehensive understanding of keratoconus, its diagnostic methods, and various treatment alternatives. We will discuss topics such as intracorneal rings (PMMA/CAIRS), corneal cross-linking, and corneal grafts. After this webinar, attendees will understand the concept of "personalized treatment of keratoconus" where each patient can be evaluated and treated according to their specific stage of the disease. (Level: All)

June 14, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

The Clinical & Surgical Considerations of Gene Therapy in Retina Patients

Dr. Christina Y. Weng
Ophthalmologist, Baylor College of Medicine, USA

During this live webinar, we will discuss the current state of gene therapy for retinal diseases. The indications, mechanism of action, and delivery routes for this novel class of therapeutics will be briefly reviewed. The latest efficacy and safety data of leading gene therapy candidates will be presented along with areas of continued exploration. The participant will leave the webinar with an improved understanding of retinal gene therapy and its potential applications. (Level: Intermediate)

June 21, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Eyeing Excellence: Igniting Passion and Safety through Ergonomics in Ophthalmology!

Dr. Donny Suh
Dr. Benjamin Young
Dr. Susan Ksiazek

Discover the connection of passion and safety in ophthalmology with our webinar, "Eyeing Excellence." Explore how ergonomic principles enhance precision and dedication in surgical practices. Learn the important role of ergonomic factors in creating a safer ophthalmic working environment. Gain practical insights into ergonomic design, optimizing workspaces, instruments, and techniques for maximum efficiency. Engage in an interactive Q&A session with expert panelists, transforming your approach to ophthalmic care. (Level: All)

June 27, 2024
13:00-14:30 GMT/UTC

Mastering MSICS Surgery: The Mentorship, Cases, and Techniques

Dr. Parikshit Gogate
Dr. Nitin Tulsyan
Dr. Haripriya Aravind
Dr. Sarwar Alam
India, Nepal, & Bangladesh

In this highly interactive and video-based webinar, three SICS surgeons will reveal tips and techniques garnered through decades of practice and mentorship throughout their careers. Each speaker will delineate specific steps as a demonstration for the audience. Audience members will view novel approaches to MSICS surgery as they look to incorporate these strategies into their practices. This webinar is dedicated to Dr. Ravi Thomas who made MSICS training, research, and promotion a cornerstone of his vibrant career. (Level: All)

July 13, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

4th Annual Crandall Cybersight Cataract Conference

Dr. David Chang
Dr. David Crandall
Dr. Bonnie An Henderson
Dr. Kevin M. Miller
Dr. Thomas Oetting
Dr. Bruna Ventura
USA & Brazil

Join us for the 4th Annual Crandall Cataract Conference! The theme this year is to show a challenging situation or complication that might be encountered by most cataract surgeons. Each faculty member will present a 5-minute edited teaching case video, followed by 6 minutes of faculty panel discussion. At the case conclusion, each faculty member will highlight and disseminate a few key teaching points for ophthalmic residents and experienced phaco surgeons. For the last 20 minutes, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions to the full faculty panel. (Level: All)

July 19, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Using OCT as an Approach to Diagnose Glaucomatous and Other Optic Neuropathies

Dr. Christian Mardin
Ophthalmologist, FAU, Germany

Clinically, the difference between glaucomatous and simple optic atrophy of other origins is not always clear. OCT with the ability to image and measure inner retinal layers in the macula and peripapillary area, with the measurement of rim atrophy, is of great help to overcome this difficulty in the multimodal analysis with other examinations. This webinar will highlight a possible approach to optic atrophies, systematically using OCT techniques. (Level: All)

August 1, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Perfecciona Tu Técnica de Esclerectomía Profunda

Dr. Gabriel Lazcano
Dra. Rosario Varallo
Dr. Javier González
México, Uruguay, & España

Durante este seminario web en vivo, discutiremos los pasos más importantes para perfeccionar tu técnica de esclerectomía profunda en pacientes con glaucoma. Panelistas de México, España y Uruguay resaltarán sus experiencias y compartirán consejos clínicos. Se explorarán las preguntas recibidas durante el registro y durante el seminario web. (Nivel: Intermedio y Avanzado)

August 6, 2024
16:00-17:00 GMT/UTC

Live Surgical Demonstration: Complex Cataract Surgery and Endothelial Keratoplasty

Dr. James Lehmann
Ophthalmologist, Focal Point Vision, USA

During this live surgical demonstration, Dr. Lehmann will perform one cornea case and one tough cataract with brief lectures in between the cases. Join us for this unique, interactive session spotlighting a surgeon's mind and technique on complex cataract surgery and endothelial keratoplasty. Questions received from registration and during the webinar will also be discussed live. (Level: Intermediate and Advanced)

August 14, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Diagnosis and Management of Low Tension Glaucoma

Dr. Claire Wright
Ophthalmologist, Hamilton Eye Institute at the University Of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA

During this live webinar, we will discuss the epidemiology and clinical features of Low Tension Glaucoma (LTG). We will review the diagnostic work-up and the differential diagnosis of LTG. Lastly, we will discuss the medical and surgical management of LTG and how these management strategies differ from those of Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG). Questions received from registration and during the webinar will also be discussed. (Level: Intermediate)

August 30, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Precision and Progress: Advancements in Modern Refractive Cataract Surgery

Dr. J. Morgan Micheletti
Ophthalmologist, Berkeley Eye Center, USA

This webinar will highlight the latest advancements in refractive cataract surgery, focusing on advanced technology intraocular lenses (ATIOLs), the latest biometry, and operating room trends for enhancing cataract surgery outcomes. We will discuss how these innovations are revolutionizing surgical precision, improving patient outcomes, and setting new standards for customizable and accurate vision correction. Questions received during registration and the webinar will be discussed. (Level: Intermediate and Advanced)

September 13, 2024
13:00-14:30 GMT/UTC

2024 Strauss Simulation Symposium: Forum on Technology in Surgical Education

Dr. Glenn Howard Strauss
Dr. John Ferris
Dr. Jaclyn Haugsdal
Alexander Schaeffer
Natalia Ronatowicz
USA, UK & Germany

During this live webinar, we will hear subject matter experts (SMEs) discuss challenges and solutions for improving the efficiency of surgical skills training. This 90-minute facilitated discussion will be centered on defining the key challenges for (a) improving the efficiency of surgical skills training, (b) integrating technological advances into existing training programs, and (c) validating the training advances. We will thread comparisons, build upon responses, and address the mentioned challenges throughout the webinar. Attendees are invited to contribute their responses and provide questions on this critical topic. (Level: All)

September 17, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Infectious Keratitis: Management and Emerging Therapeutics

Dr. Rachel Wozniak
Ophthalmologist, University of Rochester, Flaum Eye Institute, USA

This webinar will focus on current approaches in the surgical and medical management of infectious keratitis. Trends in antimicrobial resistance around the world will be discussed in addition to novel and emerging therapies on the horizon. Questions received from registration and during the webinar will also be discussed. (Level: Intermediate)

September 23, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

Innovations and Advances in Retinoblastoma Management

Dr. Jesse Berry
Ophthalmologist, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, USA

During this webinar, Dr. Berry will discuss the diagnosis, routine clinical management, and recent imaging and research innovations for a rare pediatric intraocular tumor, retinoblastoma (RB). After this lecture, you will be able to (1) identify the must-not-miss clinical features for diagnosis of RB, (2) explain the common indications and types of treatment, (3) describe new imaging modalities for RB, and (4) describe the role of a liquid biopsy in RB management. Questions received from registration and during the webinar will also be discussed. (Level: All)

September 30, 2024
13:00-14:00 GMT/UTC

An Approach to the Juvenile Patient With Glaucoma

Dr. Nombuso Mathe
Ophthalmologist, University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

During this live webinar, we will discuss glaucoma in the juvenile patient. We will examine the diagnosis, the medical and surgical management, and the potential challenges in this group. Ethical considerations in the young, sight-impaired patient will be explored. Questions received from registration and during the webinar will also be deliberated. (Level: All)

November 15, 2024
14:00-15:00 GMT/UTC

Clinical Technology & Surgical Techniques in the Evolving Management of Corneal Diseases

Dr. Björn Bachmann
Ophthalmologist, University Hospital Cologne, Department of Ophthalmology, Germany

The current state of the art in the diagnosis and treatment of corneal diseases depends on imaging techniques to visualize the morphology, 3D structure, and optical quality of the cornea. Improvements in imaging allow for increasingly individualized treatment of corneal diseases. In this live webinar, we will discuss corneal diseases in the context of the development of imaging techniques over the last decades. (Level: All)

December 19, 2024
14:00-15:00 GMT/UTC

Diagnosis and Management of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)

Dr. Aishwarya Sriram
Ophthalmologist, University of Utah/Moran Eye Center, USA

During this live webinar, we will discuss when to consider IIH based on the pertinent signs and symptoms. We will highlight the appropriate workup for diagnosis (including radiographic and interventional procedures). Lastly, we will deliberate on how to manage the condition, which will involve medical and surgical options, as well as appropriate patient follow-up. (Level: Beginner)